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September 27, 2013


Citizen Tom

I think you wrote your post a few days too early.

Considering how long your post is, I also have to wonder why I still don't understand why you do not like Ted Cruz. Cruz sounds angry? Maybe that is it. Righteous anger has it place, but we do have to remember the difference between hating evil and taking vengeance.

Will we be able to kill Obamacare as we battle over the government shutdown or raising the debt ceiling? I don't know, but I do know Cruz has provided leadership in those battles. Instead of going to other politicians, he has gone to the people. Did he ever have any other choice?

When you worry about what other politicians think of Cruz, don't forget their ambitions and jealousy. Cruz is a competitor. Moreover, if he succeeds in reducing government spending, he will reduce their power. If he does that, they are never going to love him, and neither will the establishment news media.

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