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November 02, 2013



Wait! I know this one! Directive 10-289, right?

Lori Jeanne Eck

You have got to be kidding me!


Freedom is being lost,democrats are turning into gestapo types and not the American way,what next a firing squad if you don't do as Obama commands ?


The one and only goal of Dem/Progressive/Statists has always been Socialized Medicine-- Whether they call it 'single payer (sic)', 'Medicare for all', Medicaid for all', etc., makes no difference. It is why they are demonizing insurers, and soon, doctors. Lenin said it was the main pillar of the communist state-- that hasn't changed. We are seeing the reemergence of the elite/royal system of govt-- what is so puzzling is why so many are so willing to bow to it for a morsel of bread.

Les Jackson

Too bad that we don't have a law to force politicians in DC to do what the people want!


The Republicans ended Slavery. The Democrats are re-instating Slavery.

Earl P. Holt III

The TRUE motive of the hard left (some prefer "Democrats") in enacting "ObamaCare" was to ensure that loyal constituencies of their party would be certain to get free health care they could NEVER afford on their own, and to make the rest of us pay for it.

Those "constituencies" include queers with AIDS, I.V. drug-users with AIDS, nigros with AIDS and illegal aliens.

This was their "hustle"...


"You would think that when your party is burying a hole".... please please please fix the lede. HTF do you bury a hole...

David Powell

What they don't get is that this is not Cuba.

More to the point, the more skilled someone is, or the more resources one has, the more able they are to simply get up and move, whether it is to another location where there are less hassles or simply to another profession, in the "Atlas Shrugged" vein.

Unless the right of a worker to simply quit is taken away, and in a nation where there is freedom to travel, good luck with that, the market will have to have some impact on what they are paid.

Law may ignore realities but they are still realities. Wile E. Coyote can keep running after he's gone off the cliff, but it just gets worse the farther he goes!

Mike Jefferson

By forcing someone to accept an arbitrary compensation for work performed is by definition "involuntary servitude". This is illegal under the Constitution and is backed up by significant legal precedent. It's time to take back our country.

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