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November 02, 2013



They will definitely need to pass a law first, banning doctors from moving out of state and setting up a practice in a more free state.
THEN they can tell doctors that they are slaves, and that the legislators are their new massuh.

Robert Casale

I am 78 on Medicare and need my insurance more now than ever. (medicare is good but we should have never passed the bill. We should have been looking out for ourselves, buying our own insurance, For those who cannot afford it we always helped, I was born free as my parents didn't have the money in 1935.
No business should be told by the government who they must sell or service and they should not dictate the charges, this is a Capitalistic country. We are not interested is total socialism with a goal toward communism. Forcing people to do what they do not want to within the law is Communism.


Obama is having a blast. He accomplished what he has planned for along time, the total disruption of the Free american System. He is not mad because Obamacare is full of problems and causing more trouble than good, instead he and his socialist supporters are happy that everything is a big mess. Out of the mess and destruction of the free existing medical system,will come a total dependency on the Goverment since the insurance companies cease to exist as we know them and doctors will enter into the endarger species list.

Granpa Routy

What they don't get is that this is not Cuba.
"involuntary servitude".
Want to BET?


I wouldn't count on the IRS only being able to collect the fine if you're owed a refund. Obamacare gives the IRS live access into everyone's checking and savings accounts. Also, I found an article where this man entered his personal information, got sticker shock and opted to NOT buy the insurance and was informed that his fine would be $4540.00. If he refused to pay it, the IRS would put a lien against his house. The government will get their money one way or another. I suggest that people keep their bank accounts low.


Kunta Kinte, MD.

Jim siler

Nazi Germany started out the same way and we got the head of the Nazis running the show right now Barack Obama and his inch when Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi and if y'all read farther into not only healthcare Obama is firing generals Colonels and majors out of the military if they don't agree with anything he asks Same thing took place in Germany before Hitler took over and started a world war and Obama is doing the same thing

TheWild Webster

Directive 10-289!

Jim Semple

No one ever accused Democrats as Smart. Simply Dangerous. They are following the Communist Manifesto and the ideals of National Socialism NAZI policies,

Secure the means of Production, Control the Banks, Nationalize Health Care and Agriculture OH and get the guns from those crazy right wing Christians.

They may succeed with help from their socialist friends in China, Iran and the Middle East.

It is rumored that the Obama Administration has offered the resources of the Midwest food oil coal to China in exchange for our debt to China.

The Chinese want Obama to first disarm the American People first.

Perhaps this is why Homeland Security now has more bullets and guns and armor than used in the Iraq War.

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