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November 02, 2013



Once the forcing begins it never stops. democrats are tyrants and all need to,,, well everyone knows what they need.

Russ Ramey aka RRAMEY6

Control, the politics of pull. Doing an in depth study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Same works for Samuel Adams. Feels like 1760 and 1860. We are beings asked to chose. "One man asks'What is coming?' The other, "What is Right'. That is the difference between a freeman and a slave."

James Dunlop

People better wake up. We've elected too many treasonous politicians.

Nick Granite

I guess at some point they are going to have to force people to BE doctors.

Don Hutchinson

Years ago i had a very moral dentist friend who expressed his exasperation about medicaid patients - they often did not show up on time
Since a dentist, like other professionals, has only his time to sell, this absence lost revenue. Quite possibly the medicaid patient had excuses or difficulties in transportation, but the end result was a loss to the dentist.
When something is free, there is not quite the motivation to be on time.
and who will pay the late fee?
He stopped taking any Medicaid patients.


I love Obama, he gives me Obama phone and free health care. "Thank you Obama!"


This sounds about as constitutional as obamacare ... right Mr. Roberts?

Despite having a gun to his head, if Roberts (I can't refer to him as a Justice) has any honor at all, I suspect this will haunt him in his later years - if not now. He was in a position of enormous weight and consequence, calling for responsible jurisprudence. And he, a "so-called" constitutionalist; he foisted upon us the imminent destruction of our country and Constitution ... a betrayal worse than Brutus. His was a soulless act and he should feel inconsolable shame for all of his days. He could have saved us. Mere words escape me in communicating the abysmal contempt I feel for this man.

Alan Whitney

Well, we squandered out freedom like a drunken legislator spends tax dollars.

What the hell did we THINK would happen?

T. Leone

It has been clear to me for some time that Democrats are COMMUNISTS. I do not know why the media who cares to call out these Demons, will not call them COMMUNISTS.(Fox) These demons have already called Republicans "NAZI's".

At least no one will have to guess what party we are all talking about.

Ron Paulyes

the gov't should mandate that all lawyers provide pro bono services to every indigent person in need of civil counsel and criminal defense. after all its the lawyers who put the politicians in office. after all, its the lawyers who draft the wording/language of all the laws. lawyers have invaded and infested every level of politics, government, wall street, etc... its the lawyers stupid - sticking it to america and americans everu chance they get. ps - after the doctors are conscripted, cut all their compensation by 75%. only then will america have affordable healthcare. 98% of all doctors are mediocre hacks who think they are entitled to the good life because they went to school for a few extra years. doctors (and all the other healthcare providers) have been bankrupting every pool of money ever put together to fund healthcare for the past 50 years. its the doctors stupid - bankrupting america and americans - one patient at a time.

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