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November 02, 2013



The gubmint's jackboot about to stomp our doctors....surprise, surprise.

Scott Tison

Read your history.....this is EXACTLY how the Nazi Party in Germany began! Promising everything to the people...jobs....cars....stopping the evil conservatives (Jews) ....FREE HEALTH CARE....etc, etc! And they blinded fell for it until it literally destroyed them!! Along with 10's of millions of its population! "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it!!" Wake up America!!!!!!!


Welcome to obama's Nazi USA. This piece of garbage has 3 more years to finish off the US and he will.

Geoffrey Britain

Apparently you folks didn't get the memo.

Democrats aren't advocating the forcing of doctors to accept Medicare & Medicaid. They are advocating that doctors be extended the privilege and opportunity to work for free.

Only 'running dog' capitalists would resist the social justice movement, in which those who have, unceasingly give to those who have not.

Noble Furr

By the way, it's "DIGGING A HOLE"....not "burying a hole". Just wanted to mention that.

james gaulte

Don Berwick is no longer heading up CMS.


Dems think if you ask teachers to contribute more for their healthcare, education would collapse. But making doctors make significantly less will have no affect.


By forcing someone to accept an arbitrary compensation for work performed is by definition "involuntary servitude". This is illegal under the Constitution and is backed up by significant legal precedent. It's time to take back our country.

Posted by: Mike Jefferson | November 03, 2013 at 09:01 AM

What you are completely forgetting, Mike, is that Obama does not care about the Constitution and his robot followers don't care either as long as they keep getting Obama freebies. We are truly screwed unless Obama is out of the presidency.


I think every health care provider expects this. It's sad. Medicaid doesn't really pay enough for an independent provider to keep an office open with staff and still pay adequate salary and benefits. Providing health care insurance to employees in a Medicaid practice would be impossible. Medicare is more generous that Medicaid.


I predicted this last week: http://randomactsofpatriotism.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/ayn-rand-could-tell-us-what-comes-next/

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