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November 02, 2013



Malpractice reform has been enacted in almost half the states in the US and has had no impact on doctors' charges. By bringing it in as a factor you are basically either showing your ignorance or your dishonesty.


This is the kind of legislation that will encourage an influx of services provided by foreigners, who may not be so fluent in the English language...much like the author of this article!


WOW! Just simply WOW. What is next? We will be forced to go to only certain doctors?


Yet the ignorant still elect these lunatic Democrats

They should pass a law where stupid people cant vote


I think we need to take government out of healthcare docs can do it by going to cash only for visits and ignoring this BS they only make 48$ a visit now from medicare/ medicaid patients. I would pay 50 just so I wouldn't have to deal with gov. I mean unless you have a chronic illness how often do you really go to the doctor? I have an asthmatic son who is diabetic we go about every other month so about 6 times for full coverage for my family of 4 its 496$ a month figure I average 20 visits a year total that's 1200 bucks pay as I go I pay about 6000 a year for the insurance just saying.......


I will be more than happy to stop practicing medicine should this occur.


A vote for a Democrat in the 21st century is a vote for state ownership of all people. Call it slavery, socialism, or "economic justice" - the result is the same.


When do you think they'll start forcing us to take "Obama Pellets" ? The democratic party (what a joke of a name) needs to made irrelevant in politics for 100 years until they have learned their lesson, that's probably how long this country is going to take to recover from the Obama nightmare.


And the Socialist tyrant government marches on.


They might as well be called Communists at this point.

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