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November 02, 2013


Jennifer Root

We ( docs) will not go gently into the good night of indentured servitude. We will walk away- not necessarily from choice, but being chased out by the current administration and their many many attempts ( CMS regs that place midlevel providers on the same footing as docs, new VA policy currently in comment period that does away with the team approach to healthcare and places the nurse practitioner in charge, ad nauseum) "I hope physicians rise up and speak out..."- I and my fellow docs have been yelling at the tops of our lungs since 2008 and no one has listened. I knew in 2010 when they published the CMS regs that if any part of the health insurance policy changed you would be tossed off your policy... but the media turns a blind eye and keeps the narrative of the democratic party going. I committed my life to caring for my patients, but they in turn have not cared enough to fight for keeping me. I can only say that I hope you don't miss the quality that 15,000 hours of training brought to your body's needs which is being replaced by 1500 hours.


Land of the free unless you disagree then the dems will make the Land of do what we say or we'll make another law. Thank God because we need more laws so we will know what we want and need

edgar martin

This is probably why Cucc is gaining in the polls...a huge turn-around almost over night! The Dems sure must think the voting public is stupid (I think they were merely asleep...but they are starting to wake up!)


Loaded with misinformation.


The doctors who do not work for the government CAN not be required to treat patients whose insurance that they don't take. My husband; a Dr. Says no way. But I think the dems will try
I saw this coming.

Jim Donbavand

I worked in healthcare financing over 30 years and can assure you, ACA has nothing to do with Affordability. First step of the Social Democrats was to dumb down the population by taking over "education". Then, encourage Mexicans to peacefully invade by the millions. Get an activist judge to rule their babies are citizens, based on an Amendment covering children of freed slaves only. Next, in states with slim margins, get Obama And the Clinton's to campaign or, if a Saturday Night Live comic loses by several hundred votes, get an activist judge to require a recount by the Democrats so you can maintain a slim majority in the Senate. Our country is being conquered, not changed. Wake Up America!

sprzet do zabudowy

Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing such things, therefore I am going to tell her.

Christine tell the truth Sander

she's an idiot... go to any emergency room in this country RIGHT NOW and anyone, regardless of insurance, WILL BE TREATED. Why are people allowed to even run for PUBLIC SERVICE when they haven't clue one about real world facts?! Democrats are the single most collective group of certifiable idiots EVER


this Obamacare is the worst thing that could happen. This fraud of a president thinks this is another world nation like the one where he comes from, Kenyan, and thinks he come and destroy our Country with his bs

this healthcare stinks and it will not work

gary stevensen

I think the Soviets tried this. Not sure how good the health care for the ordinary schlub was under this arrangement.

Hard to get your doctor to do that essential brain surgery when you've got a gun pointed at his head.

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