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December 20, 2013


Not Harry F. Byrd

Prefer: Comstock

Don't really have any views for or against Fimian. Not a big fan of Dick Black.

Opinions aside, who do I think would win the nod? I'd lean Comstock but I could see things getting split and quite nasty. We'll see.


My prediction is that the Comstock and Black forces will become the hardliners against each other ... western Loudoun vs. inside the beltway McLean/Fairfax.

To me, this plays right into the hands of Keith Fimian, who many are fond of for his really tough loss to Gerry Connolly. He can match Black on grassroots issues and match Comstock on fundraising. I think if this is a convention things might deadlock between Black and Comstock with FImian being everyone's second choice, thus leading to the nomination.

Robert Kenyon

Reaction so far is to support Black.... provided he can soften his image a bit and avoid anything foolish on social issues.


Rob ... I would think some of Black's more draconian social views would turn off liberty-minded folks. I would think perhaps Fimian might be a better option.

Robert Kenyon

If he's in, I'd definitely consider him.


Fimian all the way. No matter which way the wind is blowing in 2014, it's going to be against incumbents, against politicians, and against the status quo. Don't nominate someone who's been part of the problem.

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