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December 10, 2013


Not Harry F. Byrd

I realize Foust is well-liked (although his 2011 reelection was inflated a bit by the fact that his competitor, Husch, didn't fit the district well geographically and ran a poor campaign).

Still, I am curious why you think Wolf is going to meltdown in Fairfax with Foust in the race. The portions of Fairfax still in the 10th are theh most Republican friendly in the county (with the exception perhaps of one or two marginals in Braddock/Mason and a precinct or two in Mt. Vernon). These days perhaps that should change from "most Republican friendly" to "least Democratic" but anyway...they were also hand-picked for Wolf.

He won almost all of them and outperformed Mitt Romney by anywhere from 5-15 points region-wide.

What has changed other than him having a theoretically competitive challenger?*

*And do note that Democrats thought Judy Feder was a competitive challenger too and gave her $ and support in 06 and 08.

I'm not dismissing the possibility (and I like the idea of always being prepared!) I just find it hard to believe that Wolf has tanked overnight.

Incidentally, if Foust ever does leave Dranesville, perhaps we can get that seat back. Would be nice to get back to one under parity on the BoS.

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