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February 02, 2014


Stephen Spiker

In what world do the words "respected" and "Bob Marshall" belong in the same sentence?


Oh come on! Marshall is the most pro-liberty candidate in the 10th. As a YR chair, you should know not to take sides. Will Marshall win? Probably not, but Barbara Comstock has done her fair share of alienating too.

Stephen Spiker

Mr. Dorito, I'd be interested in knowing your real name. I understand if you'd prefer not.

Marshall is exceptionally great in some areas, and astonishingly terrible in others. He's crossed too many lines that make him a deal-breaker for me, and the fact that he'll lose the seat is almost besides the fact. I'm applying the same criteria as I applied in 2012: I just want a nominee I'm not embarrassed by.

Barbara Comstock, on the other hand, has a great conservative record, across-the-board support that demonstrably shows a unified party, and will win the district. This is a no-brainer. Of course the PWAYR are officially neutral; but I personally wholeheartedly support Barbara Comstock.

John Barton

Great, let Bob take the fire from Comstock's attack dogs. Marshall views himself as God's anointed pro-life champion. (Read: he's difficult for conservatives to work with.) He will have a strong conservative challenger for his Delegate seat, and his entrance into the race will virtually guarantee a Comstock victory. Even if he were to win, there's virtually no way he would ever win a general election. Even pro-lifers are rolling their eyes. Do you see how problematic things become when guys like Marshall let their egos think for them?

Jim Reynolds

Mr. Spiker, I agree with you about Marshall. But not about Comstock. To call Comstock conservative ignores that fact that she voted for a gay activist judge and has taken thousands in campaign gifts from the gay lobby. Honestly, a real conservative would never do this. She also supported the elective abortion mandate in O'care. I know it may sound tiresome to hear that she defended Scooter Libby, (that "convicted criminal"), but the Dems will make mince meat of her for this and other ties to corruption.

Not Harry F. Byrd

In other news, Speaker Howell just had an orgasm.

Leslie Uggins

I really want to stay out of politics, but someone just sent me the link to this blog. Marshall's been smearing Comstock behind the scenes for the past two weeks, and I really don't like that style. We've got to be civilized if we want to change culture. Just my two cents worth.


There is absolutely no way on this earth any of us want to spend the next 8 months defending Bob Marshall (and, by extension, our entire movement) for saying that disabled children are a punishment from god. It will be the focus of nearly endless attacks - and, sadly, all of them deserved.

As great of a legislator as he's been at times, sorry, can't go there.


I do have respect for Marshall ... But to smear Comstock for voting for a qualified judge when he was perfectly qualified who is gsy is EXACTLY the reason why we shouldn't run Marshall. That shit just doesn't fly anymore, and its stuff like that that will ensure we lose this seat.


"I just want a nominee I'm not embarrassed by."

Didn't Babs have a mental breakdown in the 90's because she was spending 12 hours a day pouring though Clinton admin documents looking for new scandals to exploit? When will these feminists learn that they have to put their families first!

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