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February 01, 2014


Bob FitzSimmonds

So we should end conventions because they don't guarantee the nomination of the candidate you want? Got it.

Jeanine Martin

We should limit the participation of candidates and the grassroots in our Republican process? Really?

David Skiles


Chris never said that. He simply made an astute observation about the reality of conventions.


Give me a candidate that has a chance and I'll be there. This is just a joke.

Robert Kenyon

Chris, this is rubbish. You'd never have written this if Ben Cline had gotten last week.


Your right because that was a candidate worth supporting and a case to be made to be elected. Instead we have to now defend the party from nominating obscure, nothing csndidates who will get killed.

Is that was what conventions were made for? I must have missed that.

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