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February 25, 2014


Jeanine Martin

He would never use that word. This is fake. Phony outrage over a phony post.


Never say never.


Sorry Jeanine ... he said it, and he has apologized.

Please don't think this is about my support of Comstock, it has almost nothing to do with that. It is just an example of the problems we are facing as a party, the personalities that are reckless in both speech and thought that too many of us blindly support because they are against "the establishment."

Jeanine Martin

Oh please. Anyone who knows Bob would know that he would never use a vulgar word, any vulgar word. He made a mistake and you were happy to exploit it.

What's 'the establishment' got to do with it? Bob made a mistake, that's all there is to it.

John Richie

If Comstock is going to use her gender to play the victim of sexism, while being the champion of GOP women, it will make her look like Clinton in NH during the 08 DNC primaries.....And this type of infighting makes what is left of the sane GOP look weaker.

Stephen Spiker

Jeanine, your penchant for ignoring reality is well-known, but the argument "He would never say that" seems self-defeating.

Greg L

I'm calling BS here. I know Bob Fitzsimmonds, and that is NOT him.


then why did he apologize, Greg?

PS ... I wasn't paid to post this, in case anyone was wondering.

Gerold Hightower

I think Heather fantasizes about being "harnessed effectively."


Wow. Just wow.

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