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March 14, 2014



where in the 5th?

Brian W. Schoeneman

Don't be stupid, Chris. Come on.

Max Shapiro

You are delusional. Frank Wagner and his ilk can control conventions/mass meetings/primaries, whatever they want. It's called money. Frank had no problem controlling the Mass Meeting by turning out 2x the number of people the Tea Party did. Quit your whining and go win and election.

I disagree with what Frank did, but it was known weeks ahead of time that he was going to slate. Had Colgate's campaign been competent, they would have turned out enough people to stop it. They overfiled Frank by a 2:1 margin in delegates, so there is simply no excuse for not having that same margin at the mass meeting when they knew Frank was going to try and slate them all.

Stephen Spiker

So let me get this straight: Wagner gamed a mass meeting, and it's proof that we should abandon primaries?

I don't get it.


The problem is for these important internal leadership positions you cannot have a primary. For state central and congressional district leadership ... we have to trust that these mass meetings and conventions are handled fairly so everyone can be represented. This isn't even really a controversy over our elected candidates, its about trusting that the party infrastructure is decided fairly. This was not.

Stephen Spiker

I agree it wasn't. I just don't understand why the actions of one self-serving asshole makes a larger point about Establishment vs Activists, or Conservatives vs Moderates, or Primaries vs Conventions, etc.

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