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June 05, 2014


Arthur Dayne

"...make Gillespie owe you, make him know that you are part of the reason he get ELECTED. By predictably backing a sure-fire loser, all the tea party and conservatves do is further alienate themselves."

"Mark Warner WILL BEAT Ed Gillespie, but Mark Warner will destroy Shak Hill"

QUESTION: How is Gillespie going to "owe" line-towing conservatives for getting him elected, even though "Mark Warner will beat Ed Gillespie"?

Robert Kenyon

As I said before... we're better off not running anyone at all than Gillespie.

Enjoy that nice, tall glass of Medicare Part D. And yes, I understand the odds against Warner with Shak.



I started the sentence ... "Think of if Gillespie did win the Senate seat."

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