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August 30, 2014


Not Harry F. Byrd


I can't speak to the others you mentioned (incidentally I noticed you didn't mention Maine - I know there's been strife in the MaineGOP with Paulites but I have no idea how that's played out), but the reason A.J. Spiker was pushed out in Iowa was simple: he was bad at his job and he was hurting the state party, which is heading for a big win this fall (possibly two with Ernst) and is very close to taking back the State Senate. They did not want the distraction.

The establishment, as you call them (the non-Liberty/Paul folks) will put up with a lot (Kerry Bentivolio in Michigan got money from Cantor & Boehner in his doomed primary reelection bid!). They will not put up with endangering the party.

A similar thing happened in New Hampshire a few years back. A Paul-allied chair who couldn't raise a dime of money or organize to save his own life eventually had to be pushed out. Had it happened sooner, the NH GOP might not have lost their veto-proof State House majority (under lines they themselves drew!).

It's not all about ideology. Too often folks on both sides forget this.

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