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February 06, 2015


Not Larry Sabato

Tom Davis wasn't that good at it either, which is what started to take him down.

Chris B.

He was until he realized he had one mouth and two ears if you know what I mean.


Pat Herrity is the only vote against higher taxes on the Fairfax Board. He is the only vote against higher spending. As a former Fairfax resident, I appreciate his leadership--even if I don't agree with all his recent endorsements.

We Need A Leader

Thankfully Pat is stepping up and leading county republicans. Glad someone is doing it.

Chris B.

Everyone needs to get on record that they support Pat so he sees it, right?

Not Larry Sabato

"He was until he realized he had one mouth and two ears if you know what I mean."

I can't believe you went there. But still LMAO.

Independent Green Party voter

Marisa Wissar of the conservative Independent Green Party was the first candidate out of the gate in for Sully District Supervisor. Google it. See Fairfax Connection, Centreville Independent, and others. Marisa Wissar of the conservative Indy Green Party is a teacher, successful Green business woman, and mother of three children - all graduates of Fairfax County Public Schools. http://www.votejoinrun.us/

Donna W

Pat Herrity has many supporters. Unlike that moron Keith Fimian who turned out to be the worst candidate ever and has been missing in action ever since, lost both congressional elections because he was an empty suit. Connally feared Herrity as a challenger. Too bad folks were hoodwinked by Fimian especially those in PWC who thought he was the second coming of Jesus Christ. I spoke to a personal friend of Gerry Connolly after the last primary between Fimian and Herrity and asked his reaction to Fimian winning the Republican primary. His reaction was "ecstatic". After an unusually high turnout in Connolly's Mantua district during the primary I asked this individual if there was a organized effort to make sure Fimian comes out the winner and the response was ."You betcha! We can thank those who supported Fimian for having Connolly in office for life. We can thank those who changed the nomination process in state party central for Mc Auliffe as Governor rather than Bolling!

Pat Herrity has worked consistently on behalf of the residents of Fairfax County. He is out there working hard on behalf of his fellow Republicans.
Herrity should be thanked for all he does on behalf of the Republican Party rather than be attacked.
Go after the Democrats not a hard working elected official like Pat Herrity.

Chris B.

I must have missed all those candidates Herrity has recruited and gotten elected.

Word Up

John Litzenberger's campaign will implode, just wait. Guevara is a non-element here, has no money, supporters, endorsements, or clout. Kathy Smith on the other hand...she will take Brian by 10 points.

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