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February 24, 2015


Stephen Spiker

Yeah, look at all the crazy things Brian has *actually* said.

"Questioning multiple religious groups contributions to America is ignorant..."

"I want to get VDOT out of the pothole business."

"I hope that I can convince some of my fellow Republicans that the labor movement isn’t the source of all evil in the universe."

"I've been involved in GOP politics since I was 16."

"I am a different kind of Republican, but I am still a Republican."

How dare he express independent thought! No wonder we can't stand this guy!

Chris B.

I didn't say it was bad. Its very informative.

"I, for one, am looking forward to a Romney/McDonnell ticket... We need competence and integrity, and that’s Bob McDonnell." 04/06/2012

Stephen Spiker


Please. That was a 99.9% opinion among Republicans back in 2012.

What next? Blaming Ravens fans who bought Ray Rice jerseys before he uppercut his fiance?

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