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April 20, 2015


Savoia di Lucania


Jeanine Martin

Ah Savoia, so sweet as always.

I agree the madness has to stop but saying someone sends their child to a very expensive private school is criticising the parent, not the child. The child doesn't make the choice to spend $31K year for a 4 year old, the parent does. (Who knew unions paid so well! After 15 years in that school, you've got enough invested to buy a house!)

It's not Guevara's job to list Litzenberger's awards and medals, that's Litzenberger's job. The flyer was completely factual.

The good news is, none of Brian's supporters actually live in Sully district. He's not known there because he's only lived there for a few months. The sad thing is, the two Johns will split the conservative vote which may allow BS to win with a whopping 35% of the vote, the same percentage of the vote he will garner against Kathy Smith. If Brian wins we can kiss that seat goodbye.

Savoia di Lucania

"...but Guevara's campaign has gone from the hopefulness of a bright young candidate to one now controlled for the purposes of destroying Brian Schoeneman exclusively."

I don't think the tone of the conversation from the Guevara camp has ever been characterized by some of youthful energy with undertones of hopefulness.

Guevara supporter Letiecq was the one that resurrected the Schoenmanisms account. Guevara muppet Jeanine Martin's been orchestrating a smear campaign on his (or Kathy Smith's) behalf for months.

I think you've been mislead.

Chris B.

SMH ...

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