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April 03, 2015


Jeanine Martin

You're in good company, he de-friended me a long time ago, and almost all of my friends. He sure doesn't care for the grassroots people. He doesn't want anyone viewing his witty repartee least we share his words with others. Unlike most politicians, he hates being quoted.

I wonder if any of those donors can vote in Sully?

Stephen Spiker

I'm not surprised that someone would elect to not have your brand of negative politics on their Facebook feed, Jeanine. There's a reason why your friend request to me is still sitting in my queue.

Also, even if you're not friends with someone you can still view their Facebook profile, meaning that he's not hiding any of his quotes from anybody.

Finally, you live like two hours away from Sully District. You're not the grassroots in this race; you're just a very negative person with a blog and a vendetta.

Ben Tribbett

188 donors x average donation = $8747, not $26871. Looks like the report will be most inkind donations, or a candidate loan. Nothing wrong with either of those things, but the info is presented in a misleading way in this release.

Deborah Bornstein Munoz

Ben: Are you the same Ben Tribbett, consultant for Kathy Smith?

Deborah Bornstein Munoz

The $46.53 average pertains to the donations that were $100 or less from 166 donors, not to the total. "Misleading?" Ben, as a campaign operative you know this is most likely the case and you're being a tad disingenuous. The remainder of the donations for 27 donors averages $717.78, which is to be expected with a good candidate. Speculating it comes from anything but donors is pure guess work...or consultant spin.

Chris B.

I'm interested to see an itemized list. When he ran for delegate it was almost exclusively on a massive donation from Bill Howell so there is precedent for what your saying, Ben.

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