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June 15, 2015


Sully Dad

When does the re-vote occur? I've been waiting for a while to see which candidate the Sully Republicans would endorse. I think it has taken too long already. Oh, Itotally agree about the last paragraph.

K Karabulut

As a parent of FCPS students, the impact of the budget cuts have impacted my children's class sizes and the resources which they need. As far as Ms. Schultz is concerned, I'm more interested in hearing how she feels about raising teachers salaries and lowering class sizes than I am about transgender equality. I'd like my tax dollars to be spent to that end and not lobbying for her personal agenda.

Jeanine Martin

Really? Sully is going to endorse a school administrator who advocates for more raises for teachers? An educrat who will vote to increase raises and thus budgets in FCPS? Really??? I can't imagine a worse Republican candidate than a school administrator, steeped in education bureaucracy and education spin and hype. She sounds like the perfect Democrat candidate.

Parents want to know if their little girl is going to be sharing a bathroom or locker room with a boy. I don't think it's too much to ask a school board member where they stand on the issue.


Schultz did her best to ensure that the best at-large candidate didn't get an endorsement, either.

As near as I could tell, he wasn't exactly pro-transgender.

Jeanine Martin

My question has nothing to do with Schultz and everything to do with who is the best candidate for Sully. An education administrator who isn't fond of the GT program does not appear to be the best choice for School Board. Not that it's up to me. It's up to Sully who they want to represent them. Or it's up to FCRC who they want to represent them. Something like that.

K Karabulut

Melissa's children are in the AA program. Her concerns are the impact that the AAC has on the reputation and quality of the Gen Ed program.

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