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June 02, 2015



Chris, I tend to agree with you on the merits of Brian S as a candidate (and political thinker), but is it necessary to say things like "perennial campaign loser"?

While accurate, I think comments like that are unnecessary, distract from your point, and strike me as a little unfair.

David C.F. Ray


A correction.

The GOP has won THREE (3) statewide Presidential, U.S. Senate, and Gubernatorial races since 2001, not just two:

2002 -- John Warner (R) for U.S. Senate
2004 -- George W. Bush (R) for President
2009 -- Robert McDonnell (R) for Governor.

Also, we HAVE won five OTHER statewide contests since 2001:

2005 -- William T. Bolling (R) for Lieutenant Governor
2005 -- Robert McDonnell (R) for Attorney General
2009 -- William T. Bolling (R) for Lieutenant Governor
2009 -- Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II (R) for Attorney General

David C.F. Ray

A correction to my own post -- we HAVE won FOUR (4)statewide contests since 2001, besides the ones in the categories Chris mentions.

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